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Eagle Force Natural Workable Hair Styling Natural Effect 150 ml

Eagle Force Hair Styling Wax Natural Workable 150 ml: Unique conditioner for fantastic hair experience to create natural looking, emphasizing styles with a flexibele application, thanks to tis content moisturizing your hair. Mid-shiny and natural vieuw With the powerful and flexibele structure provides natural appearence.

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Style Power Morfose Ossion Matte Styling Wax 100 ml

Style Power Morfose Ossion Matte Styling Wax 100 ml: Ossion Matte Wax is designed to impart matte finish that is unusually easy to wash off. Creatively craft casually textured styles with this Ossion Professional Matte Styling wax. Strong holding effect for messed up look. Follow your intuition for tousled styling definition and get the style you`ve...

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Wahl levert al jaren topkwaliteit in professionele kapperspools als föhnen, stijltangen, tondeuses en trimmers en andere producten.

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Wahl Detailer Hair Trimmer

De Wahl Detailer tondeuse is voorzien van een snoer. T-Shape Snijmes. De Wahil detailer maakt gebruik van een speciaal soort snijmes. Dit is het gepatenteerde T-shape snijmes. Door het snijmes in een T te vormen kan er extreem kort mee geschoren worden. Het snijmes scheert kort tot 0.6 mm Ruig haar. Ook ruig haar is voor deze tondeuse geen moeilijke...

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Wahl Classic Series Detailer Professional Corded Trimmer

Wahl Classic Series Detailer Professional Corded Trimmer: the Wahl Detailer's lightweight and stylish design provides you with balance and control. T-shaped blades that adjust to zero overlap are ideal for super close trimming, outlines and detail work.  Kit includes: Trimmer, Blade guard, Blade adjustment tool, 3 attachment combs, cleaning brush, clipper...

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